Huddersfield born Emcee/Producer Asaviour aka Savvy has single handily cemented himself as one of the strongest artists within the UK Hip Hop scene today. With a fresh original approach to rhyming, an untouchable flow with a twist on content and how it’s delivered sets him apart from most of his more “traditional” counterparts. In 2007 he branched out with his own label “Saving Grace Music” to showcase “the future sounds” that were progressing from his stable. His productions skills place him far ahead of the pack and have taken him out of the hip hop scene allowing him to collaborate with a number of major artists in the music industry for instance: Claudia Kennaugh, Neon Hitch, Kevin Walls, Athlete and Supa Dark and many more.

DJ IQ is a DMC Champ from Northwest London he has made a transition from Dj to Super Producer and has been making huge waves in the scene. This man has been making beats for practically every gifted artist in this country supplying production to Dubbledge, Asaviour, Verb T, Kashmere, Skrien, Graziella, Jehst, Tranqill and many more.

His “Live from the sofa” LP has gone down a storm, receiving rave reviews from Mojo, Dazed & Confused, Hip Hop Connection, DJ Mag and many others.

“The A Loop Theory” is a collaborative project between Asaviour & DJ IQ who has combined both their production skills with an album of epic proportions to create an eclectic sounds cape rooted in Hip Hop but incorporating Soul, Funk, Electronica, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Grime, Dubstep and R&B.

The A loop Theory boasts a staggering list of guest vocals from, Kashmere, Kyza, Pride, TB, Dubbledge, Graziella, Thabo, Jehst and Verb T.

Please find attached to this email the radio version of the track “Beefy” which has garnered heavy support and rotation from: BBC 1Xtra’s Sarah Love and Mista Jam, Kiss FM’s Big Ted, Shortee Blitz and DJ MK. Adele Roberts from Rock FM DJ Kayper and DJ Nonames from BBC Asian Network, Freestyle from Galaxy FM and Alexander Nut from Rinse FM.

This album takes risks, pushes boundaries and experiments with sounds which aren’t normally heard in a hip hop song but somehow they work.

It’s a huge leap forward musically and lyrically, another bench mark has been set, the envelope has been pushed, Prepare yourself for:

Released Monday 23rd March 2009


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