Grit Grammer Interview

grit grammer
What inspired you to become a recording artist?
A complete addiction to hip-hop. It was the natural evolution from obsessive hip-hop fan to MC. I started out spitting nursery rhyme freestyles with my mates, to writing lyrics and taking it more seriously, to hooking up with local producers and making original music.

When did you release your first song?

The first track that was put out to the public was ‘Spiritual Script’ and was featured on Wolftown records – UK Runnings Vol.5. It was my first mixtape feature and the first time I had a track put out there for general public consumption.

What have you released to date?
So far I have just released a free promo album called ‘Reflections in the dark’. It’s a collection of mainly old recordings from the last 4 years with some new joints. You can donload it FREE!!! @:

Where do you live?
I live in North London.

What’s the music scene like there?
London as a whole is obviously brimming with talented MC’s. However there are not as many shows as there used to be, and some times it’s hard to infiltrate the scene in London especially if you not very active on the Live circuit which to be honest I have not really been up to now. Saying that as an MC trying to make a name for himself, there are still plenty of opportunities out here if you put the work in.

Tell people about your latest release and where people can buy it on-line?
It’s called ‘Reflections In The Dark’ and it’s just a small promo project I put together to start promoting myself and getting my name out there. Its got 13 original tracks on it, and also showcasing the talents of the various producers I have worked with over the years. Most of the tracks are old, but I threw in a couple of new joints in there as well. It only has 1 feature on it, which is Baron Samedi who is also fully producing my untitled forthcoming album.

You can download it for free will full artwork!!! @

What would your dream collaboration be?
Damn, there are so many MC’s I would love to work with. I would love to get on a track with Ill Bill, or maybe resurrect Big L and jump on a track with him.

What was the last album you purchased?
I buy quite a lot of albums but my most recent pick-ups are:

Jedi Mind Tricks – History of Violence
Sir Smurf Lil – New Blood Line
P Brothers – Gas
Z-ro – Crack
M9 – 140,000

I still buy a lot of albums and fully support the artists whose music I like. I literally never download anything, and much prefer having a physical product with full artwork.

What do you do to relax?
I used to smoke shit loads of punk, but I’m holding it down better these days. I love listing to and making music, going out and I also watch bare films.

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