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nasty jack

nasty jack

Your new CD ‘Shotter Music’ is a tribute to reggae music. Who are your favourite reggae artists and why?

Ninjaman is my all time favourite, he gives you a stage show, entertainment whilst still bringing a light hearted angle to his war bars. He is also political, taking digs at the government, poverty etc. Tenor Saw was the original Movado, a ragamuffin, spitting raw bars earlier than anyone else. I am a big fan of Supercat as well Yami Bolo was the first young DJ I heard of. I also listen to a lot of sound tapes like stereo mars, stone love, metro media and more.

How long did the CD take to create?

I made all the beats and recorded everything in about 6 months

How would you describe your release?

It’s a reggae/grime CD with a mixture of dancehall/grime and Dubstep influenced beats. I have been really surprised at the response it’s receiving, it wasn’t aimed at a wide audience, I made it more as a pet project/tribute to reggae rather than trying to be commercial with the release so all the great coverage and support I am getting has been fantastic.

Tell us about the CD, apart from yourself who else is involved?

Well the CD was mixed and hosted by Logan Sama who is the number 1 DJ on the grime scene in his weight division. There are features from Stormin, Teddy Brukshut, Flowdan and Skepta. I did the majority of the production but there are 2 outside productions by Zombie who produced ‘One Spliff a day’ and True Omega who produced ‘Me Na Kiss’.

The CD drops December 22nd, just in time for Xmas. Would you recommend listening to it over Xmas dinner?

Why not, I listened to Rinse all day last Xmas.. lol

There are some killer tracks on your new CD. I can’t even tell you how much I’m in it! LOL. What is your favourite track on the CD and why?

Lol… thanks man, glad you like it, a lot of effort went into it. I don’t really have a favourite but I do really like the Skyjuice rhythm, firstly because I named it after my favourite ‘Sound Selector’ Skyjuice and because I got to work with some different artists on that one.

What record label are you signed to and are there any other acts on the same label?

I am not signed to any major label; I work closely with a community label in West London Gold Seal recordings where I do most of my recording. They have worked with and given industry support to pretty much everyone on the scene at one time or another; they also help me join the dots with contacts, legal and marketing support as well as a load of other services. But I’m my own boss, I source my own manufacture, distribution, producers, artwork etc… I am in control of my music and my business.

Who distributes your music?

My physical stuff is distributed by Absolute/Universal and the Orchard do my worldwide digital distro.

It is a CD and digital release, so where can people get it?

EVERYWHERE … lol, all major digital stores, all major retail outlets HMV, Zavvi etc..
The physical CD is a limited edition CD, mixed and hosted by Logan Sama. The digital release comes in 2 flavours vocal and instrumental and is DJ friendly, so full unmixed tracks. I have also rereleased ‘Pimp on Flows’ my 2007 mix CD.

So what’s next release wise for you?

2009 – I have a couple of singles coming out and then the album is due in the 2nd quarter.

Grime and Hip-Hop gets a rough ride in the media especially with the gun & knife crime issue. Do you think as a recording artist that you have a responsibility to the youth of England?

Of course we do, as do film directors, TV production companies, the press etc… But no one gives them a hard time! I have the right to entertain people in the same way that they do. The public isn’t stupid, if I spit about being poor and signing on does that mean the listeners are going to go out and give up their jobs n sign on? No, people have the right to make up their own minds and music is a release and outlet for us artists and the listeners, we are not telling people how to lead their lives and to blame music for the current problems is just targeting an easy scapegoat.

Any plans to release an album?

Yeah, my debut album is coming out in the 2nd quarter of 2009.

Any plans for any new videos?

My first single for the album is ready; we are shooting more over the coming months in preparation for the album and build to its release.

Before you go give us your website details.

Check out and

Anyone you want to shout out?

Big up G, Big up the Gold Seal Project, Stormin, Teddy Brukshut, Logan, Skepta, Flowdan and all the N.A.S.T.Y. Big up all the people on road.

Thanks and respects for doing this interview.

Nasty Jack ‘Shotter Music’ is out December 22nd on Gold Seal Recordings CD and MP3.

Interview by Tricksta


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