Karma Collective

What inspired you to become a recording artist?
Snook: I love music, always have always will. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t make music.

SuperStead: My man Jordan or Jords Chords aka JRJ. I have been involved with him since i was 6 making music and recording Hip Hop and R+B tracks.

Suffice: There was no real situation i just wrote poetry and songs cos i am so into music. I enjoyed writing, rapping came later.

Don Le Morso: I loved MCing to D+B in my head, badly. I spent a summer working in Sainsbury’s warehouse with MC R1der who i used to freestyle with.

Semantics: I was first inspired by my old guitarist and friend Chuck Clark. We used to write songs with our drummer Wig and record them on a dodgy 4 track to tape.

Scribbles: I was the first person that inspired me or… i mean i have enjoyed hip hop since i was a kid so numerous artists from various different genres actually influenced my writing in this time but one main person who may have got the ball rolling was Levi or Slew Dada.

When did you release your first song?
Semantics: Well i guess that is our first album for the whole crew. It is a collection of songs we have been working on for a while now and it came time to step up the game and get it released. It is a fat multigenre journey through styles and flavours. The follow-up volume 2 is nearly recorded and is sounding even more banging than this one.

Suffice: It is sick go grab yourself one. I also featured on a D+B vinyl release from Greenpiece Records called “Mic Check”.

SuperStead: Watch out for Reflective Materials present SuperStead and the Home Truths LP from me.

Snook: “The Mixed-up Tape” is our first release and im gone drop my solo release in January.

What have you released to date?

Semantics: Just our debut album but we have a ton of follow ups to hit soon…….. keep checking our Myspace and website.

Suffice: “The Mixed-Up Tape”, you can get it from http://www.karmacollectiverecords.com or from all your usual mp3 shops so support homegrown UK talent and go get one!!

Where do you live?
Semantics: I live in Portsmouth.There is a weird music scene in Portsmouth that doesn’t seem to know what itself is doing really, kinda like a dog chasing its tail.

Suffice: I am Originally from Liss, its non-existent, I am living in Bali now and the Hip Hop scene is getiing better and better yearly but
slowly. I’m pushing it forward as much as I can & the people I’m rollin with are pushing hard as well, eventually it will get to where it should be.

Snook: I’m from london….. it probably has the biggest Hip Hop scene in the country. Theres a lot of moves going on thats why its hard for mans to try
and really get the recognition that we actually deserve and need but we’ll keep pushin and see what mans can do init.

Scribbles: Yeah my name is Aiden David Scribbles from Swaziland, South Africa and the UK (a member of the new race and its a long race to run….but
were running not away, from, but to). My Hip Hop scene comes from poetry, i am the Hip Hop scene in Swaziland. In SA its crazy,
theres Johanasburg hip hop and Cape Town Hip Hop, theres all sorts of genres poppin out…. glitch hop … and theres english rap, theres zulus rap,
cos theres nine official languages in South Africa….. no eleven actually

SuperStead: I am SuperStead aka Rilla from London town, born in the city in 1983. The UK Hip Hop scene has two different sides to it…. a lot of people are
pretenders and contenders and the underground contenders are hittin hard right now and thats what we’re representing.

What would your dream collaboration be?
SuperStead: Madlib.

Don Le Morso: Current Value

Suffice: Right now at the moment Blackmilk

Semantics: Got to be Dj Shadow.

Snook: There’s too many people that I want to work with and I hope that eventually I will get to work with a few of them. M.i.a is someone I’d really like to do a track with. A dream collab would be working Pharrel on beat, the brers a genius.

What was the last album you purchased?
Snook: Kano – London town

Suffice: Talib Kweli – Ear Drum

SuperStead: The Roots – Rising Down

Semantics: Robin Thicke – The Evolution of Robin Thicke

Don Le Morso: Current Value – The Empowered Peace EP for the heads who know.

Scribbles: Stacey Epps – The Awakening

Have you got any footage on YouTube?
Snook: Nah not at the mo

SuperStead: London Mcs On Stage ……… search on YouTube thats all i am gonna say. (i am the guy who throws hit hat down!)

What do you do to relax?

SuperStead: I like good food, watching sport, reading and movies.

Don Le Morso: I like making music, mixing and getting (really) smashed.

Snook: Make music man……

Suffice: Um…. I enjoy creating ideas and coming up with stuff.

Semantics: I don’t really relax lately, all i seem to do is work in the day getting the rent and then work in the evenings nailing tracks or pushing the label!!! I am one hard working man!!

What’s your favourite radio station?
Suffice: I really don’t listen to the radio (laughs).

SuperStead: I don’t listen to radio, there are too many adverts or whack commercial mainstream music.

Semantics: 1 Xtra

Don Le Morso: Radio 2 ; ) (Semantics laughs)

Snook: 1xtra, i could sit and listen to that all day

Scribbles: Last FM.com (Hip Hop Instrumental channel) and mutha FM…..

Before you go give us your website and MySpace address.
Karma Collective Records and myspace.com/karmacollective


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