Juttla Speaks Dubstep

For the last few years there has been a producer out of the Midlands that has really been catching my ear. His name is Juttla and he is a producer that is musically pushing boundaries as he mixes up his Eastern influences with ground-breaking bass led electronica. His first release ‘Angels, Aliens & Assassins’ back in 1999 is now considered to be a classic, and his new album is ‘At War With Satan’ has already been causing a stir with a number of DJ’s including Bobby Friction and Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio One. I managed to grab five minutes of his time to get the lowdown about his new album and his new-look record label.

Okay Juttla, for those that don’t know please tell people what you have released to date.

I released my debut album back in 1999 which is when I also founded my label Eastern Pressure Records. From there I did a few releases for other labels including Swarj, and then licensed a lot of tracks off my debut album ‘Angels, Aliens & Assassins’ to a few compilations in the UK and Europe. I then started getting commissioned to do loads of remixes for various artists including Asian Dub Foundation, Fun-da-mental, Banco De Giai, Wayward Soul, Swami, Aiwa and loads more.

Then around 2004 I started making some chilled out leftfield grooves which eventually led to me producing Hip-Hop. I am very good friends with Tricksta from Wolftown and around 2005 we both decided I should drop an album for Wolftown. This album featured official remixes and fresh tracks all within the Hip-\Hop genre. It featured some big names such as 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Slim Thug, The Game, Freeway, JT The Bigga Figga and some UK artists such as LATE, Foreign Beggars, 10Shott, Conman, Creamo, P.A.C, Jai Boo and more. The album was called ‘Bass Kicks, Snares, Spits’ and released in 2006.

Then working with the tempo of Hip-Hop and me coming from a more breakbeat / jungle background I fell in love with Dubstep. I started making that around 2007 and from there started on the album which is ‘At War With Satan’.

Wow! You’ve kept busy then! The new album is on Eastern Pressure Records (your label), does this mean the label is back up and running?

Well I can honestly say that Eastern Pressure is now back, and back in a much bigger and better way. I now have someone running the label full-time which has allowed me to get a healthier release schedule together and put out some of the projects I have had in my head for the last five years. I also now have a world-wide physical and digital distribution deal which I am buzzing about. I feel the distribution I have now can help me to really get my music out there. Do a Google search on the album… LOL, it’s on the HMV, Amazon, Juno and Zaavi website, as well as bigger stores such as Tesco, Borders, Asda and WHSmith sites.

I think releasing my own music and remixing other people’s music for various labels has given me the experience, the knowledge and the confidence to step out with my label again. I think that if you are going to do something and put your name to it, you should always try your absolute best. That’s where I am at now.

What releases have you got planned then?

Well this year, as you know I dropped my album ‘At War With Satan’ along with two singles, and at the start of December I will be releasing the ‘Joyrider EP’ by an artist called Charged, who is actually the producer I remixed ADF with back in the day! A lot of people from the Asian Underground will know of his music from before, but his new style and vibe is just something else. I am so excited by this release.

So anything planned for 2009?

A whole heap of releases!!! We have two compilations that will both be released as double CD’s. I am currently compiling them and am looking for tracks. The first one is called ‘Electronic Taals’ which is an Eastern breakbeat project and then ‘Dubstep Pressure’ a double CD of the deadliest Dubstep being made! Also I have just signed an artist called Barbarix who will be kicking off with an EP which will be followed by a full album. That guy is serious! He is remixing my next Juttla single too.

Actually if there any artists are making good music reading this they should get in touch with Neil, the new label manager at info@easternpressurerecords.com – send us links or Mp3’s!

Okay let’s talk about the album for a minute how would you describe the sound of it?

It’s a mixture of bass heavy Dubstep bangers with a more experimental twist. I try to be original and carve my own sound rather than imitating others. I tried to cover all styles of the Dubstep genre, there are some real techy tracks, straight-up dub, and medi tracks too.

So imagine the scenario. You work in HMV and I am a customer. I am in a rush and want to hear three tracks off your album before I decide to buy it. What three tracks would you play me and why?

Well first up I would play you ‘Ramp With Me’ because it seems to be a track the DJ’s have picked up on. It samples a famous film and gives it that drum’n’bass feel. Secondly I would play you ‘Stalker’ as that will be the third and final single. That track has two automated modulation basslines and is something that fans of Dubstep are loving. It’s straight up ‘smack-you-in-the-face’ Dubstep. Then for the third tune it would have to be ‘Sub Zero’ as this track has a fat bassline and really shows me draw for my Eastern influences injecting Asian spices to add to the flavor!

So what’s next for you as a producer?

I am working on tracks as well as compiling the two compilation albums (‘Electronic Taals’ and ‘Dubstep Pressure’), as well as writing music for my next album for 2009. This will be called ‘Paranoid Nightmares’ and feature a few more vocal tracks with some well-known British artists. I wish I could tell you more, but I don’t want to jinx anything.

Well thanks so much for doing this interview. It’s been a real please speaking with you Juttla. We love your music and wish all the best of luck with your future projects. Before you go please give us all your weblinks.

No seriously thank you Alex, for giving me the opportunity to push and promote everything I am doing. Nice one!

Eastern Pressure – the official record label website & shop.
Eastern Pressure – official Eastern Pressure MySpace.
Juttla – my official MySpace page
Juttla – official website.

Big up to my boy Tricksta for all his help & commitment to everything I do, big shout to Dom at RGS for having the vision and belief in myself and my label, much love to Glyn & Sam at The Urban Shop (<a href=”http://www.theurbanshop.co.uk”>TheUrbanShop</a&gt;) for sponsoring me, shouts to LATE (make sure you check for his album ‘Below Street Level’ if ya like Hip-Hop!) and everyone on Wolftown, and shouts to all the artists on my label and the artists that I hopefully will be working soon! LOL.

JUTTLA ‘At War With Satan’ is out now on CD and MP3 Download. Make sure you grab a copy!


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