KO & OD Interview

What inspired you to become a recording artist?
K.O. A skateboard movie with people lip-syncing to an Eminem song. hahaha. Me and my friends copied it and afterwards we started rapping for real.

OD I always liked writing, recording and producing. I always wanted to make my own records.

When did you release your first song?
K.O. Only time I’ve released something it was underground, and the first song was 2006.

OD. My first release was Braaa!!! Request the Text with General Levy in 2001. I’ve recently re-released it digitally on Southern Cuba Records.

What have you released to date?
K.O. Not much solo stuff really, I’ve done a bunch of songs here and there, but the only time I’ve released CD’s is giving out small mixtapes with my group.

OD I’ve released two EPs by my group Ten Days Till, I’ve released an album called my Mind’s State by Slic 1. I’ve released as I said Braaa!!! Request the Text with General Levy, And I’ve released an EP called Classic Songs which is covers of old songs.

Where do you live?
K.O. Geneva, Switzerland
OD London at the moment

What’s the music scene like there?
K.O. Not many English rappers, lots of French rappers.

OD vibrant.. but hard work.. You’ve gotta grind in London extra hard if you’re doing Hip Hop, Soul or R&B.

Tell people about your latest release and where people can buy it on-line?
K.O. The Back to the Hip Hop EP is a new, but classic, 4 track CD going back to the golden days of rap, whilst blending with the new school. You will be able to purchase it in the iTunes store and the other on-line stores.

OD Yup. Back To The Hip Hop -the EP is a good introduction to our work together as we give you a party joint “Blow Up”, an autobiographical joint “Be This Way”, a factual joint “The Art” and a story joint “I Gotta Go”. People are digging the production and lyrical content on all these tracks so the combination just works. The EP is available from all major music retailers online worldwide, ITunes, Amazon, Napster etc.

What would your dream collaboration be?

K.O. Something with DJ Premier or Dr. Dre.

OD I don’t have one dream collabo but quite a few. I’d like to work with Missy – she called me a few years ago but we never worked together, Eminem, Ludacris, Method Man, Busta, 50, Mos Def, Pharoa Monch, Immortal Technique, Mase, Bubba Sparkxx, Andre 3000, Sean Paul and Collie Buddz and last but by no means least Marsha Ambrosia from Floetry. THE most magical British singer for me ever!

What was the last album you purchased?
K.O. Heltah Skeltah’s ‘D.I.R.T.’

OD I hardly buy albums these days. Mainly cherry pick tracks but I think it was the Kanye Album.

Have you got any footage on YouTube?
K.O. Not for the moment, hope to have a video up soon

OD. Yup. Two videos I directed and another few bits. Check out youtube.com/odhunte

What do you do to relax?
K.O. Listen to music. It frees my mind, puts me in my own world.

OD My favorite form of relaxing is watching movies on DVD. I love movies but hardly have time to watch them. People at the cinema annoy me plus you can’t pause so I tend to stick to DVDs and crank my home 5.1 system.

ko od

ko od

What’s your favourite radio station?
K.O. I don’t really listen to the radio, but it would probably be Hot 97, or anything that plays good music, no matter what genre.

OD I don’t listen to the radio too much either cause I’m either always in the studio or if not I’m listening to music that I enjoy and choose myself.

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