Dutty Devioso Interview

Dutty Devioso

Dutty Devioso

What inspired you to become a recording artist?
I love music. Videos has a big part in my decision. Run-DMC, L.L., I used to run home ery day & watch Yo! MTV Raps.

When did you release your first song?

Shiiii, I can’t remember the actual date… It’s goin on 10 years now though. I know that much.

What have you released to date?
I have about 3 albums & 5 or 6 mixtapes & b-sides records out there. & if you’re in the Louisiana area, you probably have a few of the underground joints as well.

Where do you live?
In Jigg City! (Baton Rouge, La.)

What’s the music scene like there?

Crazy, just like everywhere else. We have plenty of talent in one lil’ congested area. & all of us are doing our damn thing!

Tell people about your latest release and where people can buy it on-line?
The latest release is entitled “Up The Ante” & if you don’t have it by now, you should go order it right now & come back & read the rest of this article. It’s available at: CD Baby, myspace.com/lildvs, Groove Control, as well as iTunes.

What would your dream collaboration be?
Kanye West! Easy!

What was the last album you purchased?
Last album I bought was “Paper Trail” by T.I.

Have you got any footage on YouTube?
Yeah, I have a few vids up. You can go to may page & subscribe & check out all of em. Comment on em if you want. Just do a search for Dutty Devioso.

What do you do to relax?
Wouldn’t you like to know…..?! Lol

What’s your favourite radio station?
Anyone that spins my shizzle!

Before you go give us your website duttydevioso.com.


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