SWAY – The Signature LP



SWAY – The Signature LP (Dcypha Productions)

There’s so many great UK releases out at the moment and this is most definitely one of them. Mr Dasafo has been one of the UK’s biggest hopes to crossover into the mainstream for a while now, and with “The Signature LP” being as good as it is I am sure now that Sway will finally get the recognition he so much deserves. There’s not an MC in the UK that can challenge his on point, precision cut flow and with bars filled of witty one-liners, clever punch lines and a wealth of knowledge and positivity he is one of the best to ever to ever do it from these English shores. The album weighs in with thirteen tracks, all of them earning their right to be included. “Look After My Girl” has that ATL and Florida style production, as does the track “Stereo”. Fans of the Grime sound will love “F UR X” featuring Stush, “Jason Waste” and “Upload”, whereas lovers of more musical soulful sounds will be banging their head to the sweet sounds of “Saturday Night Hustle” featuring Lemar, “Pray 4 Kaya”, the Lupe Fiasco-esque “Letters To Heaven” featuring Leo and “End Of The Road” featuring Coco. As for me I love “Say It Twice”, so much I am actually going to say it twice I LOVE THIS TRACK! LOL!!! Sway has killed it man, and gave the UK an album that will stand the test of time. Excellently produced, excellently delivered and more than anything, an album that I enjoyed listening to! Make sure you go out and buy this album.


Review by Tricksta


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