NAS – Untitled

NAS - Untitled

NAS - Untitled

NAS – Untitled (Def Jam)

He is one of the best that ever did it. There’s just something about that Queensbridge accent, his choice of words, his on-point delivery and that flow. He is a legend and with each album by Nas you know you are guaranteed to hear a certain standard. I mean New York rap is going through a bit of a slum at the moment and I feel that’s because there’s not enough people actually jumping on records and saying things that are original. Well Nas is the master of originality, he does things his way and that’s why I admire him so much. So the new album, originally called “N***a” it’s now been renamed “Untitled” and it’s finally dropped. Fifteen tracks deep we get a good varied selection of cuts including the massive club smash “Hero” featuring Keri Hilson. I love the pimped out super-fly beat on “You Can’t Stop Us Now” featuring Eban Thomas of The Stylistics and The Last Poets. Nas drops science on the whole N word issue here with clear cut precision with a steady melodic flow. Other deepness can be heard on tracks such as ‘America’, ‘Testify’ and ‘Untitled’. Guest appearances from Busta, Game and Chris Brown should definitely be checked out here too, its almost like Nas brings the best out in people. This is a serious album and to be honest I think it’s one of his best. Nas is special and there is always going to be space for him in this genre. He is just something else. Big album, big release and if you haven’t already brought your copy then I think you should go and get it… like NOW!


Review by Tricksta


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