JUTTLA – At War With Satan

JUTTLA - At War With Satan

JUTTLA - At War With Satan

JUTTLA – At War With Satan (Eastern Pressure Records)

Dubstep albums don’t come much better than this. From the start to the finish this album is just pure quality, with no fillers, all killers and a bunch of music that is so much more than your average Dubstep album. There are a lot of acts from that scene getting mainstream attention; however I feel that Juttla should be one of them. He draws from his Asian inspirations well mixing it up well, and on more than one occasion he fuels Eastern melodies with bass drenched Dubstep mayhem. Killer cuts for me have to be ‘Ramp With Me’ and “Dub Dragon”, both supported by BBC Radio One and both somewhat underground anthem status in this genre. Juttla is a producer with vision and real skills when it comes to twisting up bass. I love this album and this label. Next up is a compilation called “Electronic Taals” which is something for the Asian underground, as well as EP’s from Charged and Barbarix. Eastern Pressure has just upped the ante, and don’t we know it! This album is brilliant.

Eastern Pressure Records

Review by Phillip Gates


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