Hysteric Glamour Japanese Streetwear Label

We love our Japanese streetwear so check out this brand
Hysteric Glamour www.grooveeffect.com
Hysteric Glamour - Japanese Luxury Streetwear Label

Hysteric Glamour was one of the first stores we checked out when we arrived in Tokyo. This iconic Japanese fashion label is rarely found in the US, but takes a lot of its cues from the 60’s and the 70’s American rock n’ roll fashion as well as the 90’s grunge era.

In 1990, Designer Nobuhiko Kitamura created the HG line while working at another company. The success of the brand helped him launch several other labels including Joey Hysterics (kids line), Hysterics (a sexier women’s line), G by Hysterics (a higher-end women’s line), Thee Hysteric XXX (a higher-end men’s line), Trygod (a jewelry and accessory line), and Andy Warhol (a collaboration line with the Andy Warhol Foundation).

One thing is in common among all the Hysteric Glamour clothing lines and that is sex appeal, attitude, and luxury. HG was only available at couple online boutiques in the US, but they recently opened their own online store that carries all their clothing lines.


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