BLAK TWANG – Speaking From Xperience

BLAK TWANG - Speaking From Xperience

BLAK TWANG - Speaking From Xperience

BLAK TWANG – Speaking From Xperience (Abstract Urban)

Tony Rotton’s back with a ram-packed new album due out September 2008. There’s no doubting that he’s been on top of his game for some years now and has already gave the UK some of it’s most infectious classics. I always feel Blak Twang is a cut above the rest, this may be his experience showing through but I feel he is fully well-rounded artist that still has something special. So when this dropped I checked for it straight away. I was shocked to see there was twenty four tracks, as the number of tracks on albums seems to down a little recently. There’s a far amount of guests too making this project even more exciting. ‘Legends’ featuring Sway is something that Hip-Hop fans nationwide are going to love, ‘Nu N’Uh’ features the ever popular Estelle and one of London’s most slept on Tor. Other guests include Rhymefest, Sheriff and K9 amongst others, but this album isn’t really about the guest spots as a lot of the big tracks are solo joints. “Champagne Lifestyle” has massive crossover potential, “4 The Summa” is quality and “So Hard” impresses. Blak Twang is a true veteran and I still this album is something very tidy indeed. Like a good wine he just keeps getting better! Quality.

Blak Twang

Review by Tricksta


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