Alton Ellis Tribute mix

Alton Ellis passed away Oct 11 2008 and here’s a little mix in tribute to the reggae legend
Alton Ellis Tribute mix @
On October 11, Alton Ellis passed away. He was 70 years old. His first recorded song was “Muriel” in 1959 with Eddie Perkins. He continued to record and perform right into August of this year. Alton is best-known for the music he sang from 1966-1968, when Jamaican popular music was known as rock steady. I consider rock steady music to be some of the classiest and most dignified music around, and Alton seemed to keep that rock steady performance style throughout his entire singing career.
Alton Ellis – Dance Crasher
Alton Ellis – Rock Steady
Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon – Remember That Sunday
Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon – Why Did You Leave Me
Alton Ellis – I’m Just a Guy
Alton Ellis – Let Him Try
Alton Ellis – Never Love Again
Alton Ellis – A Fool
Alton Ellis & Lloyd Williams – Can’t Stand It
Alton Ellis – I’ll Be Waiting
Alton Ellis – Sunday Coming
Alton Ellis – Mad Mad
Dub Specialist – Dar Es Salaam
Alton Ellis – Big Bad Boy
Alton Ellis – Alton’s Official Daughter

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