DC Shoe Co Usa and DC Superhero Shoes

everybody’s on it so why not cash in on the Dark Knight? Image stolen from IGN.com
Dc Superhero Shoes ctothejl.com

Whoever selected the numbers of the limited runs knew their history. For Superman, it’s 1938 pairs, individually numbered. The leather shoes are primarily blue with newsprint designs, a small S-shield logo, and the words “Clark Kent” across the heels.

The Batman shoe is limited to 1939 pairs made of leather and suede. They’re black and grey with yellow highlights and Bruce Wayne across the heels.

The Joker shoe has 1940 pairs available. It’s a graffiti’ed version of the Batman shoe, with orange “Ha!” scribbles and green laces instead of black. I was hoping for something in green and purple. If you’re going to be the Joker, you ought to be noticed, after all!


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