Urban Nerds Fabric Dubstep Mix

Once again another little dubstep mix that you can steam directly on to your desktop.
Dubstep Mix twitter.com
urban nerds

1: Soundtarget- Rusko
2: Well Ard- Caspa
3: Call It Fate- Richie Dan
4: Gunman- 187 Lockdown
5: Toca’s Miricle- Fragma (Wideboys Remix)
6: Girl Thing- A1 Bassline
7: Bring It On- Rusko
8: Oscillator- Skream
9: Day ‘N’ Nite- Kidi Cudi (Crookers Remix)
10: Ring Road- Underworld (Fake Blood Remix)
11: Darren- DJ Dee Kline
12: Jaws- The Hamstabatz
13: Some Treat- Lost In Vegas
14: E Trips- Benga
15: Gangsta For Life- Movado (Coki Remix)
16: Tarantula- Pendulum
17: Ready Or Not- DJ Hype
18: Time Warp- Subfocus
19: Junglist- Congo Natty
20: Jus A Rascal- Dizzee Rascal (Acapella)


One thought on “Urban Nerds Fabric Dubstep Mix

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