Rising Styles 3D Graffiti Sculpture

mare139 3d graffiti

mare139 3d graffiti

Rising Styles, in association with the University of Brighton, presents 3RD DIMENSION, the UK’s first ever exhibition of Graffiti Sculpture.

* Mare 139 from New York.
* The UK’s most respected writers to start experimenting in sculptural Graffiti, Zeus.
* One of the most talented young 3D Graffiti artists and designers to emerge from Britain in recent years, Matt Harriman.

Mare 139
From his early days as a writer in 1970’s New York, Mare aka Carlos Mare 139 Rodriguez has always been known for evolving and innovating his style demonstrating an eagerness to draw influences both from the street and from the abstract imagination of modern art.

Master of perhaps the most recognisable form of Graffiti design, the ‘Wildstyle’; the young Mare became more widely known throughout the world through documents such as Henry Chalfant’s landmark 1982 film Style Wars.

Whilst early in his career, still throwing up burners on parked trains under the cover of darkness, the untutored teenage graffiti artist attended the large retrospective Picasso show at the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Duly inspired, he quickly developed an instantly recognisable style amongst his peers mixing components of colours, designs, fades, arrows and pumps gradually coalesced into a quasi three dimensional form.

Mare 139 saw the possibilities in taking a sculptural approach and was amongst Graffiti artists to start applying his naturally sensibility to actual three dimensional pieces moving from the illusion of depth in painting to concrete and metal forms in sculpture, often exploring variations on the arrow a symbol used in Graffiti to suggest movement and direction.

Zeus is London born artist Dean Zeus Colman. Captivated by the Hip Hop scene of the 80’s he began expressing his creative talents on the streets when he was 14. Zeus’s career began when his widespread tag was spotted by Tim Westwood who commissioned him to create designs for one of the first Hip Hop clubs, Spatz, in 1984.

In 1996, Zeus was the first ever Graffiti artists exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum. He went on to exhibit and win commissions around the world working across artforms, including designing for Garrards (the Crown jewellers). Without doubt, the pioneer and leading British graffiti inspired sculptor and 3D artist, Zeus has constantly been at the forefront of the scene, pushing it forward and breaking the mould of what a Graffiti artist can do.

From intricate 3D perspective paintings to bugged out light boxes, perspex and metal sculpture inspired by Graffiti typography, Zeus has become an artist who is clearly determined to experiment with materials, shapes and graffiti convention, begging the question – why have a tag, when you can have a monument?

Matt Harriman
Matt has rapidly established himself as a significant new talent on the Graffiti scene as a talented new spray-can artist, conceptual designer and graffiti inspired sculptor.

Now based in London, Matt first exposed his talent for sculpture when he exhibited some his very first 3D pieces, using perspective at the 2006 Art of Hip Hop exhibition, in Brighton (as part of Brighton Hip Hop Festival aka Rising Styles).


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