Dubxanne – The Police in Dub

The Police quick hide me ganja never really a big fan of the Police either of them but here’s a little dub mix and it does feature Ranking Roger and Benjamin Zephaniah so it cant be all bad
Original Post splifff.blogspot.com
1.Walking On The Moon (Walking On The Dub)
2.Roxanne – (Dubxanne) – Dub Version feat. Eased from SEEED
3.Cant Stand Losing You (Cant Stand Losing Dub)
4.The Beds Too big Without You (The BedsToo Big Without Dub) feat. Ranking Roger
5.Driven To Tears (Driven To Dub)
6.Message In A Bottle (Message In A Dub) feat. Earl 16
7.Once Upon A Daydream (One Upon A Dubdream)
8.Spirits In A Material World (Spirits In A Dubworld) feat. Benjamin Zephaniah
9.Someone To Talk To (Someone To Dub To)
10.So Lonely (So Dub) feat. Big Youth
11.Reggatta De Blanc (Reggatta De Dub)
12.Wrapped Around Your Finger (Wrapped Around Your Dub) feat. Jazzmin
13.Bring On The Night (Dub On The Night)

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