The Culture of the UK MC 84-08

there’s a bangin mix here from ska to dubstep check it out the story of the UK MC for real.
Original Post
In my band, we are lucky to have a real North London-born and bred, Tottenham Hotspur supporting, baked beans on toast MC named Roy Radics. He’s added a whole new element to our songs and our live performances. The greatest thing about playing with Roy is his passion and energy and his encyclopedic knowledge about every UK MC and reggae band. There are very few songs or performers he has not heard and he has a huge collection of 12″, dub plates and CDs. I love that he brings a touch of UK MC culture to our sound and tends to leave audiences who know us cheering for more and causes mouths to open and jaws to drop in places where 2-Tone ska, reggae and MC’s are not heard very regularly. Through him I’ve listened to and learned a lot more about the UK reggae scene and English MC’s in particular. Roy has told me stories about following the Saxon Sound System around London as a youth in the 80’s and 90’s and his love for Tippa Irie and Papa Levi.

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