DJ Rudi Mental Dubstep mix

Listen to this dubstep mix online we have all day it’s nice
Original Post

This one is a very special mixture. DJ Rudi Mental (aka King David) outa Berlin brings a perfect blend of heavy sounds, starting with a dub classic and then sliding into the deepness of the Dubstep abyss (never forgetting the DUB in Dubstep!). Thanks again Rudi Mental.

  • Lee Perry – Rubber rubber words
  • Disrupt – Foundation bit
  • Disciples – Jungle rmx
  • Juju – Message
  • Mundo & Lifted MC – Bring murda
  • EMU – Skylarkin� dubplate
  • the Others – Hear dis Style
  • Scuba – Kontrafunk 003 rmx
  • the Others – Underworld
  • Crooked One – Annihilation
  • Mundo & Lifted MC – Burn it down
  • N-Type – Street justice
  • Mala – Forgive
  • Loefah – I rmx
  • 23Hz & Numaestro – Galleon Dub
  • Reso – Toasted
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