Expansion Team Dubstep Podcast

A great laid back Dubstep mix from Expansion Team featuring many of the Uk’s leading lights of the dubstep scene including Benga, Digital Mystikz, Kode9 and Skream. there’s been a lot of talk about who is going to be the winner from the dubstep scene people including me were saying Benga but now I’m not sure as Burial is kiling it, what’s your view?
Original Post www.expansionbroadcast.com

rack Listing

  1. Drum Tribe- TRG
  2. Tribulations Vol. 2- DJG
  3. Shake Out Your Demons- Digital Mystikz
  4. Make Me- Skream
  5. Den Of Drumz- Kode 9
  6. Deep Inside- Quest
  7. Find My Way- Kode 9
  8. Geddeon- Tunnidge
  9. Calm Before the Storm- Cyrus
  10. Entity- Headhunter
  11. Kameleon- 2562
  12. Fever- Vaccine
  13. Circulate- 2562
  14. Drop The Waste- Headhunter
  15. Night- Benga & Coki
  16. Size 3 Remix- Skream
  17. Konfusion- Kode 9 (Vocal Mix)
  18. Da Wrath- Digital Mystikz (Souljahz VIP Mix)
  19. Some Way Through This- Skream

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