Shat Hits The Canvas

An illustrated retrospective of Bill Shatners 76 years of gracing our planet, what more can we say a legend
Original Post
An illustrated retrospective of bill shatners 76 years of gracing our planet, words by Nic Wilson.
2007 won’t be remembered for many things. The Iraq War still sucking. Iranians behaving badly. Setting the Doomsday Clock back to five minutes of midnight. But there is one thing this mediocre year has given us that I believe future generations will actually give two fignuts about: the Shatner Show.
That’s right. William Shatner has an art exhibition dedicated to his larger-than-life self, thanks to a husband and wife pair of his fellow Canadians- Janine Vangool and Glen Dresser. They concocted the show while driving through the Canadian countryside, listening to Shatner’s most recent spoken-word album, Has Been- which was applauded for the same gentle self-mockery that has become the calling card of the modern, gnome-insulting Shatner.

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