Classic Bob Marley Free Download

Well everybody has heard of Bob Marley and somebody has put together a collection of his classic hit all in one free download, what can we say other than thank you very much I’ll have some of that. Downloading now I know every rack on there blud, killers
Original Post
1. Intro
2. Stir it up
3. Roots, rock reggae
4. One love
5. Is this love intro
6. Is this love
7. Exodus
8. Three little birds
9. Rita marley interview
10. Rastman live up
11. I shot the sheriff
12. No woman, no cry
13. Bob bio
14. Trenchtown rock (live)
15. Jammin
16. Natural mystic
17. Interview
18. Get up, stand up
19. Redemption song (live)
20. Outro
21. *bonus* no more trouble
22. *bonus* 3’oclock roadblock
23. *bonus* hold your head

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