Hardy Belchman interview

Hardy Belchman is the founder of UK fashion brand Maharishi and here he talks about how the brand started and eco-consciousness, check it out it’s interesting maybe you could do the same think, Vivien Westwood started in a very similar way
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Numerous fashion brands have begun to embrace eco-consciousness in recent years, but Maharishi, launched in 1994 by Hardy Blechman, was at the forefront of sustainable design long before the green movement was trendy. Today, the British streetwear brand boasts full womenswear, menswear and childrenswear lines, as well as a second range called MHI, and is sold in 33 countries.
We caught up with Blechman recently to chat about how his sustainability ideas were initially received, the evolution of the brand’s infamous Snopants and his forthcoming autumn/winter collection.
JC Report: Tell us how Maharishi got its start.
Hardy Blechman: I had worked in design and production for commercial brands who weren’t interested in offering natural fibers. They thought that the fabrics created from them weren’t developed enough and feared that if they shouted about a small part of their range being environmentally sound they would attract attention to the rest of their not-so-green product range.

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