Crushmode by The Elementz

We mentioned this the other day check this thread and comment and theres a couple of extra links for you
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There is a superb album set for release on May 12th 2008 by Nottingham production duo THE ELEMENTZ. It’s a banging CD and features some superb UK Hip-Hop talent including appearances by Wretch 32, Loudmouth, Wariko, Taskforce, Sarai Jazz, Big Cakes, TB, Karizma, Kof, Stan, Shameless, Emcee Killa, Rukus, Malik, Shade One, Yogi, Fiasco, Dubbeledge, Blemish Blackstorm, English, Skinnyman, Shiva & Scorzayzee. If you like UK Rap you need to buy this album. It’s going to be out on OYM Records who always put out quality music.

Make sure you check out their interview at this link;

For more information:


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