Hoonboy live at Audacious club Edinburgh

to be honest I cant comment as I just agree with everything they’ve already said. Another great set from Hoonboy. This time it is a recorded set from the Audacious club in Edinburgh 18/04/08. A little bit of dubstep in this one, but mostly ragga jungle / raggacore and breakcore love
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01. vex’d – lion VIP
02. rusko – cockney thug
03. drumcorps – this time
04. rcola – pass the dutchie
05. johnny osbourne – buddy bye
06. krinjah – championmindset
07. krinjah – krinjahsuccess
08. aaron spectre – 1600 penn, ftw
09. nkogliaz – soundbwoy killah
10. igor – ragga split
11. mochipet – botan ricecore (aaron spectre mix)
12. aaron spectre & prodigal son – say yeh
13. mathhead – bonafidekilla (aaron spectre mix)
14. fat controller – in complete darkness
15. pisstank – bassbins
16. hoonboy – clowntown
17. soundbites – fiyah
18. monkey steak – big up yourself remix feat. scorpio
19. dj k – on a mission
20. parasite – 99 skanky hoes
21. krumble – ticket to grind
22. hoonboy’s in the gusset – megamix
23. rotator – jump da fuck up
24. cutty ranks – limb by limb (original ragga mix)
25. rotator – big booty
26. repeater – collision repair specialist
27. mr kill – aerodynamit punx
28. venetian snares – hand throw

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