Organic fabrics

You really need to read the whole post about organic clothing and it’s defense from a wearing point of view
Original Post

Melanie Reid’s article “I don’t want to live in a scratchy world of hemp
lingerie” made me reach straight for a pen to reply (this email is a
transcription of that, you see), with many references to women’s
impending return to a boring dark age devoid of skiing, exotic food and
sleek accessory porn, forced by “eco-purists” to go back to sewing
buttons, wearing rags and to the absolute unhappiness of the world that
preceded household appliances.

itself can be woven in many ways and doesn’t have to resemble potato
sacks. From a place like The Urban Shop (
you can buy a stylish, organic hemp men’s t-shirt – hemp is expensive
and heavy because it’s not freely grown in this country, but that was
not the case years ago and many styles of clothing can be made from it.

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