Zoo York Giveaway

rockin it hard only 15 of these Zoo York decks/t-shirts in the UK and our favorite shop is giving one away. They pose the question are we coolest shop in the Uk ? Yes you are (in our opinion and that not binding and may change on a whim, does not reflect the views of the management and will not stand in a court of law
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Back in Feb we mentioned the Zoo York Ghostface colab well because we are one of the coolest shops in the UK (official)we have one of only 15 that are available in the UK to giveaway (see told you we are cool). Zoo York have only made 500 of these decks and T-shirts and as far as we know you cant buy them anywhere definitely not in the UK anyway so enter the Zoo York Ghostface competition on The Urban Shop and you could bea lucky winner (then sell it on e-bay and make millions). Meanwhile back in Gotham City…

The Zoo York Institute is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with NYC’s unbreakable hip-hop collective, the Lordz of Brooklyn.
This limited edition collab features a co-branded ZY skateboard deck and T-shirt with custom graphics that chronicle the band’s gritty Bay Ridge upbringing, graffiti roots, blue collar pride, and deep family ties. Slated to drop in late April, only 500 decks and tees will be available at select retailers worldwide.

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