Carrot T-shirts

We agree these t-shirt are pretty cool and Carrot have done some rad colabs and now available in the UK
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Carrott Clothing
Even though we do our best to keep it strictly British here at Kartel, every now and again something catches our eye that we feel we just need to share. Introducing Carrot Clothing. A brand “…well known in all ex-Yugoslavian countries”, Carrot keeps it simple with some awesome graphic tees designed by the likes of graffiti supremos 123Klan, Flying Fortress and Darlek, and the results are pretty dam good.

Here is what their websites has to say: “New to the scene, Carrot is a lifestyle brand that has stepped in to the urban-art experience and skate and punk culture. Carrot is more than business, it is family of artists and skateboarders joined around one idea: to make cool & quality clothing for themselves, their friends, family & neighbours. After only one year Carrot has developed into a lifestyle brand with a broad exciting collection, available in more than 20 countries worldwide.”

Carrott Clothing

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