Louis Vuitton vs Murakami = Monogramouflage

Well we think that it’s a bit late for camo in the fashion world but LV is entering the market when companies that have been doing it for years ie Maharishi are moving away from that look, but maybe it’s moving towards more mainstream fashion
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For the lucky individuals that are attending the Louis Vuitton x Murakami’s “Brooklyn Ball” at the Brooklyn Museum last night 03/04/08) there’s a going to be a special performance by Kanye West, it is also the unveiling of a new camouflage print called Monogramouflage. Don’t get too excited yet, the Monogramouflage collection featuring luggage, handbags, small leather goods, costume jewelry and ready-to-wear will launch at the museum on June 1st and will be available at select Vuitton stores worldwide starting June 15st. I guess it’s not a limited piece like the Louis Vuitton x Murakami “LV Hands” Neverful that was only available at MOCA.
Be on the lookout for street vendors outside the museum, LV is setting up 10 New York-style street vendors — not to sell fakes, but rather authentic Louis Vuitton product and special Monogramouflage canvases that Murakami has created specifically for the exhibition.

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