Electronic Explorations with FaltyDL

Gave this breakcore electro site a listen this morning and I do like a bit of experimental music so it went down well very listen able un like some of it. the site is also very informative with loads of links to get up to speed on breakcore and experimental electronic music. Listingbelow is about half the show
Original Post core.thomaslaupstad.com
Another great podcast from Electronic Explorations this week!
Lots of great tunes from new producers and some wicked classic tunes selected by FaltyDL. Anyone playing Boxcutter – Foxy – [Planet Mu] got my respect.
(01) – Resynthesize – My Friend T3 (Mrs Jynx Remix) – [Forthcoming Planet Mu]
(02) – Phominal – Untitled – [myspace/phominal]
(03) – EliteBarbarian – Going Down – [myspace/elitebarbarian]
(04) – FaltyDL – Sheath – [FaltyDL.com]
(05) – The Teknoist – Have You Seen – [Ad Noiseam]
(06) – Barry Lynn – London – [Planet Mu]
(07) – Barbarix – The Secret Garden (rework) – [myspace/barbarixuk]
(08) – Vertical67 – fb2x – [myspace/vertical67]
(09) – Ed Chamberlain- Styge – [BaseLogic]
(10) – Syntheme – Ceedee – [unreleased]
(11) – Acidburp – Boxed – [Faltys Chicken Selects Album – FaltyDL.com]

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