Mikey Dread Tribute

Sad to hear about Mikey Dread only 6 months after he was told he had a brain tumor he passed over but I’m sure his music will live on. Check out the free reggae download or listen to it on site without downloading
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Mikey Dread
During the late 1970s, Mikey “Dread” Campbell was a radio disc jockey on JBC radio when it was uncommon for Jamaican radio to broadcast reggae music. On his “Dread at the Controls” show, he played current popular music while displaying his musical knowledge by dropping in Studio One originals to show the history of the music. His first recorded single was also called “Dread at the Control,” and guess what he called his record label. He produced some of the most exciting contemporary music of the late ’70s and early ’80s, and his dub sides were very popular. On this program, you’ll hear Mikey Dread’s radio background come through is his music. Mikey Dread was just 54 years old when he passed away. He died 6 months after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. On #44, I pay tribute to the rub-a-dub master.

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