Akala Tour dates

More UK Hip Hop here with Akala and a little bio chat about his new release and tour dates
Original Post www.noizemakesenemies.co.uk

Having risen to the challenge with a classic freestyle enjoying numerous rewinds, including requests on Ras Kwame’s Radio 1 show, Akala was encouraged by his producer Rez to expand the theme into a song, which became ‘Comedy Tragedy History’, a master-class of lyrical dexterity, flipping quotes from Shakespeare into a modern context. “To be honest, it wasn’t that hard, you’d be surprised how much of our everyday language is made up from Shakespeare – ‘ the shirt off my back’, ‘method in his madness’ the list is endless, Shakespeare wasn’t just an amazing playwright – his insight into humanity was so crazy that he’s affected language 400 in his future!” – Akala

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